From county fairs to larger pigs shows on a national level, there are always opportunities for youth education. Many exhibitions have skillathon or quiz bowl competitions built into their events. The Pork Checkoff has created a downloadable resource for teachers, Extension personal and other leaders to use for organizing these types of competitions. Resources for both skillathons and quiz bowls are divided into three age categories: junior, Intermediate and senior. A variety of subject areas are addressed, including breeding, animal well-being, swine health and other key topics.




The New York Pork Producers Cooperative is proud to announce the 2018 Empire Swine Youth Scholarship Contest, ESYS to be held in conjunction with The Great New York State Fair.  Contest dates are being set during the fair, August 25th – August 29th, 2018 in Syracuse, New York.  The theme of the event will be…….


The Empire Swine Youth Scholarship is a four day event for youth swine showman hosted at The New York State Fair.  New York State youth exhibitors participate in four days of knowledge reviews and swine exhibition.  Contests include; public presentations, poster contest, decorations contest, written evaluation, skillathon, swine judging, showmanship, and a Corn Hole Tournament!

The New York Pork Producers and The Empire Swine Youth Scholarship Committee are passionate about this contest. If you are interested in supporting, big or small, financial or physical, please click the details icon below for the sponsorship form.

Please share your questions, comments or concerns with Alicia Keller at 585-813-4583 or



New York Pork Producers commitment to ethical practices, our commitment to food safety, environmental stewardship, animal well-being, community and animal health is stronger than ever.

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